Do you take my insurance?

Do you take my insurance?

We accept most dental insurance plans, including Delta Dental and MetLife. Please call our office prior to your appointment to see how you can optimize your insurance benefits at our office.

Is Your Smile as Healthy as You Think?

Columbus, Ohio’s Smiles Ahead Family Dentistry Helps You Decide

Smiles Ahead Family Dentistry, located conveniently in Columbus, OH, wants to make sure that you’re engaging in healthy habits between your 6-month visits. In addition to the healthy habits of brushing and flossing regularly, follow these tips to help your family maintain excellent oral health for a lifetime!

Keep ice chomping to a minimum

The crunch of ice between your teeth may feel like a stress reliever and give you the chance to chew without taking in extra calories. While this activity may seem harmless (it’s just frozen water, right?), it actually can cause harm to your teeth. Ice may chip or crack your teeth, causing toothaches and other problems down the road.

Call the Columbus office of Smiles Ahead for more information or to come in for repair after you’ve chipped a tooth while chewing ice. Our friendly, knowledgeable dentist will make sure to remedy the problem while keeping you comfortable.

Avoid overindulging in sports drinks

These drinks are so refreshing after a workout or on a hot day. While they seem like a healthy alternative to soda or juice, they are often packed with just as much sugar. Your best bet? Stick with water. During your check-up in our Columbus, Ohio family dentist office, the dentist will be able to give you other tips for keeping unnecessary sugar intake to a minimum.

Steer away from bedtime bottles for baby

While bottles are comforting to babies at bedtime, often they fall asleep with the bottles still in their mouths, causing a pool up of milk around their teeth. This build-up leaves teeth soaked in the sugars of the milk and creates decay. The solution? Keep bottles out of the crib or replace the milk with water.

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If you are looking for a family dentist who truly cares about his patients and the kind of care they receive, we invite you to call Smiles Ahead Family Dentistry in Columbus, Ohio and schedule your family’s next appointments today. Together, we can create and maintain bright, healthy smiles!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Smiles Ahead family!